ARDEN – Conceal


A project by six musicians (Mitchell Akiyama, aMute/Jerome Deuson, Sogar/Jürgen Heckel, Sebastien Roux, Christophe Bailleau and Jeuc Dietrich) fusing their respective personalities in a light-hearted yet melancholically tinged concoction of stringed instruments – guitars and cello – caressed by electronics and reworked by Deuson in a colourful tapestry of fluorescent dreamscapes. If it’s true that most of the CD discloses “new ambient” echoes, there are also saturated discharges reminiscent of post-rock pastures (ah, these foolish classifications…) and delightful crystalline arpeggios which – unassuming as they are – work pretty well if we don’t make the mistake of expecting too much from the whole assemblage. Maybe the best definition for Conceal is “unnaturally organic”. Seriously, though: this genetically modified music warrants several pleasing moments.


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