ARSZYN – Emigrant


Recordings of Polish émigrés in London mixed with frayed, dirty electronic emanations. That’s exactly what this CD encloses: no actual music, just crackle, filter-based aural defacement, subsonic pounding, urban bedlam and chatter by an entire lot of different people. The originator wanted to report about “the overwhelming noise of a vibrant life in a big city” and, in that sense, succeeded. Everything you want to hear is there: cars, voices, TV excerpts (maybe), the surrounding din, whatever. Then the interviewees start narrating their stories – mostly in Polish language of course, therefore incomprehensibly for yours truly – and the whole becomes an audio documentary of sorts. Well recorded, harmonious in a way (I always tend to consider unfamiliar foreign idioms as music when listening to them), actually being nothing more than a curiosity – but it sounds good. Merged with the summer cicadas chanting outside my window, pleasing at times. Halfway through musique concrete and post-industrial, there are worse things around. This can stay.


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