AS 11 – Monotheism


In December 2005, AS 11 made some field recordings at Mount Horeb (Sinai, Egypt). One could never guess the original source, though, as these sounds were radically studio-altered with the addition of “voice effects” after the return to Greece. The whole composition is engulfed by an oppressive distortion whose kiss of death shows no mercy: gradually, the first elements of Monotheism start to revolve around themselves in a whirlwind of infernal utterances, destructured loops and anti-cosmic degradation in one of the harshest, uninhibited liberations of hidden monstrosity of the human soul heard recently. Nevertheless, it also feels like having been delivered; somewhere in this sea of lost hope, an element of sacred nihilism is to be found, its weak grip slowly becoming the guide light that finally leads to the end of this apparently infinite tunnel. More rotten beauty in the never disappointing gathering of fabulous contradictions put out by Antifrost with blessed regularity.


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