AS 11 – Pneumatik


When a release comprises sounds derived by mechanic devices, it is a good thing when it doesn’t overstay its welcome. This is the case of Pneumatik, which lasts 34 minutes and is divided in three tracks, two of them live. The latter were recorded in San Sebastian (Spain) in 2006, all we hear having been generated by an electric wheel and a tire. I would have sworn about other sources, but that’s how the world goes (then again here’s the reason of the album’s title, I suppose). What does that approach cause? Something like a drill which, aptly amplified and in contact with another body, starts to oscillate, groan and howl. This continues in spurts, and at times is even beautiful – in the first section a mermaid seems to have entered the scene with a dissonant lamentation. The second part is slightly tamer in confront, and at one point a sort of muffled chordal sequence underlines the basic buzz. The third track – the only from a studio recording – is definitely harsher, a ripping frequency (that one rather expects from Mattin, or akin rebels) introducing a slightly calmer, if a little hiccupping finale. Not a great album, but not bad either.


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