ASCOLTARE – Giving Set

(Strange Lights)

Giving Set is a white-vinyl seven inch comprising three short tracks (“Crucible Process”, “Minik -1″ and “Tour De Force”) whose overall character resembles that of a low-budget kind of minimalism coloured in pseudo-consonance – picture a deformation of the “easiest” Terry Riley just to have a faint idea – slightly disturbed by arrhythmical interferences (and, in “Crucible Process”, by a referee’s scoring…) that seem to filter the whole through a malfunctioning telephone. It’s pretty peculiar music, quite appealing and – in its short length – absolutely not overstaying its welcome; I’d really be curious to hear how these fragments would fit in a longer context. For now, I just enjoy this small artifact as a raw little piece of my collection of unclassifiable materials.


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