ASHER – …And Invariably The Blue

(Conv Net.Lab)

A Brooklyn based sound artist, Asher is inexorably arriving at his artistic maturity. His second online release after Two Compositions on Term/12k is a deep-digging three-part piece which takes the composer’s minimal analysis of low-range electronica into a detailed relationship between sounds, the overall effect often resembling slowed down boiling water subsequently dried by a giant sandpaper sheet. The dark and glacial shadows of this impregnable elegy for the ostracism of sunlight have many common points with some of Thomas Köner’s inscrutable soundscapes – think Unerforschtes Gebiet to get a vague picture. However, the way the music moves reveals a disguised architecture which rubs its inspiration along artists like Richard Chartier, only with a little more organicism and less regular acyclic geometries. In the firmly rooted tree of good quality releases by this fine label, …And Invariably The Blue is yet another very juicy fruit.


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