ASHER – Directions


If you subscribe to the theory of “less is more”, then you have to appreciate what Asher Thal-Nir is doing with his music, whose quality is noticeably increasing from album to album as he subtracts and engraves instead of adorning and appending. After the studies in decomposition of Graceful Degradation, Directions returns to what Asher does best: a discreet pulse alimented by substrata of shortwaves, remnants of hypnotic dust, humming frequencies and buzzing condensations which – taken as a whole – constitute a reassuring extension of our biological activities in a sort of vegetative suspension. One appreciates this blemished aura through thick and thin, a functional stimulation accompanying our gestures while allowing no evident distraction from what’s happening around. Apparently, this process never comes to the point of exhaustion: the unusual energies moved by these recurring flows generate something nearer to a withdrawn gratification rather than developing frustrating expectancy, re-alimenting themselves over the course of the composition’s three movements. Listeners can thus adopt a defenceless stance, completely sure of feeling like unmovable rocks amidst a slow current, droplets of conscious tranquillity dribbling between moss and aquatic microorganisms very similar to the mental debris that makes us slip over erroneous judgements. Music like this helps to rub it out in a most effective way.


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