ASHER – Landscapes Elsewhere

(Conv Net.Lab)

More residues of invisible digital life from Asher Thal-Nir, whose microenvironments show very little in terms of commonly intended “pleasure” but are animated by resinous energies revealing subtle meanings under the magnifying lens of silence. A declining sun offers its feeble rays to a weakened body, as the outside world is in “business-as-usual” total decadence. Slow-paced disconnections from a corrugated serenity introduce us to the antechamber of a reeling trance. Everything is comprehensible under the shroud of apathy, however there’s still something that must be integrated into this sculpture of unanswered questions and sorrowful leftovers. For the first time, Asher introduces fragments of muffled melodies in his creations, the new element striking in its glacial implicitness. The four tracks of Landscapes Elsewhere feed our need of isolation through quavering aural snapshots whose colour is modified by a patina of relentless melancholy. Asher is looking for different paths to show the newest aspects of his frazzled prayers: no matter how one approaches it, the music keeps touching our sensible spots with the same delicacy of snowflakes transforming an industrial area into an all-white peregrination through nothingness.


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