ASHER – Two Compositions

(12k / Term)

Available on the 12k/Term website, these two introverted pieces mark my first introduction to electronic composer Asher. “For C” and “Untitled Composition 10/4/04″ sound like lungs affected by chronic air deficit, liquids and particles trying to find a way out but not before being exposed to radio waves emitted from unknown planets. “For C” develops into a sort of dark hypnotic mantra surrounded by the crumbling walls of desperation, whereas “10/4/04″ is slightly more tending to the lone tiny window of that same building: rain drops and fading lights announce the end of another day of useless waiting. Both tracks should appeal to lovers of entities such as Cranioclast or even Maurizio Bianchi. But Asher’s sonic individuality is obvious.


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