ASHER + UBEBOET – A Map Of The Ocean

(Trans>parent Radiation)

Certain occasions are just perfect for an album like this. One of the first real summer days after a stretch of heavy rain: hot sun, blue sky, all kinds of birds singing since the early morning. Asher and Ubeboet (Miguel Tolosa) donate their poetry of assemblage to this gorgeous setting via a series of environmental recordings underlined by the customary interference, this time less emphasized in favour of slightly more perceptible events, which comprise various examples of human activity as observed from a distant location. Sounds of washing waters, the appearance of ghostly semblances, voices heard from so far away that only the higher pitches – usually children – are distinguishable. And again: the moan of vehicles becoming a chant-like blurred memory, glimpses of “chords” from who knows what source – maybe Tolosa’s bowed lap steel guitar, maybe a radio – that seem to suggest a dapple of harmony. The voice of the seagulls on a shore. Everything extremely simple and utterly beautiful. The way all of the above mixes with today’s surroundings causes a moment of aching consciousness of something that’s obviously “there”; still, we can’t put our finger on it. An apparition of sorts, remorseful ambient music with a sense of resignation to the inevitable.


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