ASHER – Untitled Composition (For B)


In the 24 minutes of this audio DVD Asher presents an absorbing piece that confirms a strong stylistic imprint while showing another facet of his sonic experimentation. The grey-tinged electroacoustic swamp typical of Mr.Thal-Nir’s most engrossing tracks is still with us since the very beginning. Shortwave, hiss and barely emerging background voices create a sense of “comfortable displacement” that slowly takes command inside our systems, facilitating the release of the tension from our body as copious doses of pulverized steam occupy every available niche. The new “presence” is a subterranean yet perfectly detectable harmonic wash: a come-and-go rarefied pulse somehow reminiscent of Nurse With Wound’s Salt Marie Celeste which stabilizes the music into a fine-tuned elemental symmetry. Over the recent years, Asher has been recognized as an important voice in the area of “minimalism of collapse” which many have tried to access without the necessary requisites. His sensitive ears – plus an acknowledged ability in utilizing few means to achieve something that succeeds in affecting the psyche quite deeply – are only a couple of the reasons behind the anticipation for each of these ever-laudable episodes.


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