ASRA – Souvenir À ASRA, La Poupée Vivante

(Le Souffleur)

A vinyl – just like every production by Le Souffleur – showcases the impressive talents of Asra, a duo formed by Raymond Dijkstra and Af Ursin. To get an idea of how this record sounds, push your memory back to the soundtracks of certain sci-fi movies from the fifties/sixties, that kind of suspended electronic atmosphere that could result both scary and funny. Add a good measure of improvisation on regular instruments (…did I hear a tuba, or it’s just my imagination?) and you’ll inhale a breath of truly fresh air, for Souvenir is a well conceived and executed sonic handicraft. Its sound remains welcome, be it at the centre of your attention or as an eventual background, hinting to a type of creative naivetè that I found very alluring (particularly on the second side of the LP as a theremin – or something resembling it – tries to impersonate a whistling siren, or a blackbird on LSD!


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