Chris Burn, Rhodri Davies, Phil Durrant and Mark Wastell are Assumed Possibilities, so I was prepared to hear something near the lines of “Strings with Evan Parker”. That was not the case. The large part of Still Point represents an exploration of subtle timbres (often very near to silence) and a general exercise in the good old “less is more” adage. Compare the overall picture to that in which a few persons visit a forgotten, dusty attic, stumbling on small objects and old toys and putting them together in order to get usable sounds. Meanwhile, in the dark corners of the loft, the spirits of curious teddy bears and broken dolls join the visitors in the play, as the outside wind gently opens the window every once in a while, making the papers rustle, tiny noises distracting the concentration. At the end, everything has changed but somehow the dust – and the forgotten memories – remain.


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