Shrouded by the intricate name lie 11 among the most legendary (or infamous…) suspects dealing with noise, environment and contingent sounds, therefore this might be defined as a “various artists” assemblage. The list: Carlos Giffoni, Dave Phillips, Francisco López, Gæoudjiparl van den Dobbelsteen, Justice Yeldham, Lasse Marhaug, Mark Fell, Torturing Nurse, Powerbooks for Peace, Weasel Walter, Zbigniew Karkowski. As usual, there’s not much sense in describing the single pieces; some of them are well made, others are curiosities or plain foolishness. One in particular tries to shock the listener through psychological violence, while several tracks are more ironic. Not everybody chooses true din to state a point of view, and there is also a combinations of rap (…) and silence. I’ll leave to you the pleasure of discovering the worthy and the culprits, but what I actually recommend is to take a careful look at the CD booklet, the best part of this project. Paul Paulun’s essay “Music, Sound And Sonic Technologies In Military Contexts” represents an illuminating read and a potential explanation of the bad feelings that sensitive people experience when they’re subjected to certain kinds of music from mind-regulating powers (radio, TV or just a shopping mall – speaking of which, did anyone ever notice the shoppers’ mood swing, from the initial excitement to an utter depression, in a couple of hours?). Interesting, thought-provoking stuff which one can enjoy accompanied by a stimulating soundtrack. Relatives disqualified, of course.


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