AUDIOPIXEL – Memento Rumori

(Collectif Effervescence)

Almost 34 minutes of pretty nice music by Miguel Constantino, at his first outing under the Audiopixel alias. With just “an electric guitar, a mixer, 2 sampler pedals and a peculiar set that could enable him in sounding like a laptop without using one”, Audiopixel leads us through a fun-fair with deformating mirrors and sweet/sour candy shops, echoes of Albert Marcoeur, Aqsak Maboul, The Pastels and Fennesz appearing every once in a while amidst twisted melodies and reverse elaborations (involving, among others, Chinese singer Shuang Song and a cat named Luna). Constantino’s approach succeeds in most episodes thanks to a light-hearted obliqueness that is relaxing as well as puzzling or – simple as that – amusing. Both in guitar-based pieces and more complicated pastiches, Memento Rumori remains commendable.


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