Acid abstract theremin music comes from a sextet including guitarist/soundscaper Douglas Ferguson plus Aileen Adler, Heather Brand, Anne Heller, Steve Marsh and Lori Varga. The otherwordly sounds of the theremins mix and fight in a continuous shift of perspective, finding their place one moment just to leave it after a few seconds; soon this painting becomes a tissue made of inextricable knots, sweet/sour cries for help by extraterrestrial creatures urging us to tend our ears to gather some more data. Fans of sci-fi movies will obviously be enthralled by this mild mannered incoherent dream transforming itself in a symphonic war game of car alarms, but – if you listen carefully enough – there’s some exquisite involuntary finesse among the chaotic lamentations of these fascinating machines. A true oddity indeed, to be listened when the mood is right, otherwise you could really hate it.


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