(Die Stadt)

Hermetic and inscrutable, the second part of this project by Autechre and Hafler Trio – divided into 2 discs lodged in an elaborate packaging – tells the tale of lethargical looms imbued with concealed energy ready to be sprayed around under the appearance of volatile frequencies, subsonic rumbles and incidental noises. The exteriorizations of audible phenomena recall bleached sculptures carved from the mucilaginous sea of pseudo-silence; indeed, imaginary voices of strange birds and scorching static lights are heard from a distance, their incommensurable power of evocation a constant threat to one’s alerted faculties. Those auditive hallucinations are just the hidden regrets of our hardened memory: transmitting signals of existence, they make sure that our haughty regression to stupidity is at least accompanied by a well-rehearsed pantomime of anguishing stagnancy. The perdition in this enormous hall of reverberating nightmares generates malformed intentions which turns our precarious composure into a silent abandonment of hope.