Just a flick of the switch, and you’re propelled right into an absurdly efficient sonic end of the world – or, even better, the audio equivalent of the Big Bang. As the title suggests, this is music dealing with compression; nevertheless, among the implausible accelerations and awesome expansions heard in this “History”, you can reasonably think about disguised space caves and obscure galaxies without sounding like a Star Trek (or Tangerine Dream, for that matter) aficionado, breathtaking suspensions and harsh awakenings hectically succeeding and running in “no tomorrow” mode throughout the CD. Impossible to delineate in mere words, or just fix in a given location or archetype, never allowing an inch of confidence to even the most courageous listeners, this artifact avoids “dark ambient” and “post-techno” stereotypes in favour of a no-genre, ultra-fast recollection, similar to existential frames looped in the mind of someone who’s in extreme jeopardy. Should safety be reached at last, for sure those moments will be remembered for a long time.