The circumstances that allow any music – intended as the mere act of “expressing an idea through an instrument” – to become a means to the end of wholesomeness, while being delivered from the mental structures that systematize it into an archive of principles and codes, can easily be found in an album like Rogue States. Both Gordon Beeferman and Jeff Arnal represent that specimen of player who utilizes sonic tools, in this case piano and percussion, to alter artistic concepts at large and redefine the aesthetic meaning of visions captured on the spot, which they’re able to convert into elegant shapes and instantaneous miniatures that will be undoubtedly regarded as they should, especially from those who appreciate the duo outings that Irene Schweizer recorded on the Intakt label with drummers such as Louis Moholo or Han Bennink. The musicians render explicit their uncanny sensitiveness in guessing the right moment for shifting the gears of dynamics, thus being at ease both in “full freedom” settings (“Whirler-Wanderer”) and during pensive obscure elucubrations (“Rift And Resonance”, “Auuk”). Throughout the CD Arnal shows total command, using all he needs to elicit fractured patterns, one-of-a-kind rhythmic ambiguity, refined investigations where the continuous substitution of accents and beats sound as natural as the wind’s repeated changes of direction. Beeferman, whose playing I never had the pleasure of hearing until this disc appeared, is an accomplished explorer of harmonic remnants and material intentions, his instrumental ability clearly distinguishable even for those whose knowledge of free music is limited. All in all, a comprehensive demonstration of idealistic harshness and concrete wonderment, self-awareness and survival amidst irrationality the symbolic basis of each of these improvisations.


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