KOJI ASANO – Spring Estuary


Unclassifiable as always, Koji Asano shows yet another face of his sometimes difficult to penetrate music, this time born from lumps of electric/electronic sounds amassed in mountains of distorted dissonance and jangling resonances of undecipherable instruments – even if I’d guess that guitar and piano are somehow present. After three shorter “introductive” tracks that use lots of overdriven sources and excessive stereo panning, the 33’46″ last movement is easily the best part of the album, showing the Japanese composer in his favourite dimension: extremely repetitive shimmering clusters of dense chords crossing each other, thus generating an engaging deconstruction of commonplace hypnotism; should we try a comparison, picture a distant ghost of Steve Reich’s Music For 18 Musicians put into a mashed ill ambience of broken mirrors and illusions of figurative stimulations. It can be suffocating but, at the end, you get used to this crawling strangeness.


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