(Crucial Bliss)

After a few moments of grinding electronic noise and membrane-piercing distortion – both largely dominant characters in this music – I was telling myself “I’m too old for this”. But I stayed and, sure enough, the reward came – under the guise of a structure. Yes – A Crown of Amaranth are not your typical noise bastards but use those unbelievably violent eruptions with a well developed compositional scope, so that you’re forced to follow what happens with curiosity, even enjoying some blissful (pun intended) moment. As a matter of fact, while listening to this volcanic album at late evening, at one moment I found myself so “relaxed” by harsh drones and powerful low frequencies that I closed my eyes and let my brain shift to standby mode. But when you’re hit by hellish voices, slow melodies of scorching guitars and voices of children immersed in various interferences, you think that Neil Young was right: it’s better to burn out than to fade away.