(Mystery Sea)

Besides representing a very pleasant listening experience, Genmaicha is also my favourite album by Mirko Uhlig until now. The whole record is centred around amorphous sensations, its aesthetic engulfed by an equalizing process that privileges the cutoff of high frequencies, transforming Aalfang’s soundpool in a morass of disturbing voicings, muddy chords and unquiet spirits dancing and whirling in slowly crumbling cathedrals. What’s even better is Uhlig’s work with the sonic consecutio: no matter how we try to abandon defenses to get overwhelmed by reluctance, the breathtaking loops employed by Uhlig to raise the level of evocation work wonders in soliciting our sense of doubt, bringing out the most profound despondency in a continuous flow of appearances and displacements. Fantasies can be scary sometimes, but this time Aalfang Mit Pferdekopf’s imagination gave birth to a quasi-masterpiece of ultramundane music.