The weird freaks populating the warped sonic world of Mirko Uhlig are back at work with serious intentions. Aalfang’s music in this occasion calls for gnomes with children’s voices, strumming of hardly tuned guitars, urban activity mixed with lunar radiations, drones apparently from the centre of the earth. As usual, Uhlig is not aligned; he’s slowly but surely developing a totally personal pattern – a style, if you will – that mixes his progressive/krautrock influences with a great individualism. Most tracks sound like images reflected on a water surface: they are there but look crippled and deformed, acquiring a fascinating significance according to our observation point. Uncompromising yet absolutely benevolent, the sound of Aalfang Mit Pferdekopf is a viscous substance whose effect on the brain is damn near to a lobotomy: at the end of this CD you could find yourself absent-minded, blinking inexpressively at your wife as she’s asking what you want for lunch.