The record starts with an acoustic guitar strummed loosely in a mutation of Bowie’s “Space Oddity”; this is just the smart introduction to a very well crafted artifact, the second solo CD by Mirko Uhlig’s artistic alter ego. Aalfang’s music is quite unpredictable in most of its forms, mixing regular instruments, loops, field recordings and personal fun in a series of sonic pot-pourris that, at least in this album, exclude futilities and gratuitous cheap tricks in favour of coherence and good taste. All parts are adequately connected so that delayed guitars, tape accelerations, spectral continuums and voices of children at play succeed in picturing a fresh design of atmospheric suggestions that light up my curiosity for an announced upcoming release on the Belgian Mystery Sea label. Mezethakia Mukabalatt is certainly a clear step forward from AMP’s first CDR, showing a focus which keeps me hoping for more surprises.