(Edgetone / Pax Recordings)

Another example of “Abstractions fury”, this time more violent and anguishing than in their previous Sonic Conspiracy. Mostly characterized by vocal eruptions over deranged rhythms and instrumental torturing upon impossible leit-motifs, Ars Vivende is a record that stands in front of any sort of “gentle” aesthetic with the impetus of anger, poverty, rage against the “perpetual rule” or – simply put – a demonstration that art must not always satisfy educated ears. Like a Jackson Pollock painting, only splashed with blood, sweat and maybe stomach acids, this music will make you feel uneasy. Ernesto Diaz-Infante, Rent Romus, Bob Marsh are just the better known entities; however, all the involved musicians make sure that everything gets drowned in a turbid vapor of unanswered questions.


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