ADAM_IS – Moles


Michail Adamis recorded these sounds during the construction of an underground tunnel in the national road linking Athens and Thessaloniki, the result used as a sonic installation at the planning offices of the involved company. The aim was to highlight the different aspects of the working environments in the realization of the project. On a purely phenomenal basis, this is a potent mass of rumbles, shrieking frequencies, long reverberations and violent thuds. The whooshing presence of the vehicles and the almost scary creaks and chugs bring recollections from the late eighties, post industrial a go-go in my house and head. Some of the sections were certainly looped, attributing a semi-entrancing quality to something that, on the contrary, usually causes a constant shattering of nerves. At times one hears voices drowned in the clanging hubbub. Is that an impression only? I don’t know. A fairly acceptable example of environmental recording, no pretence and not really “art”, with several surprising escalations. Perfect for looking at people’s mouth moving without hearing what they’re saying. The noise from a tunnel is more interesting anyway.


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