(AD)VANCE(D) – Poem#red128dot


I didn’t know anything about Mars Wellink before getting this CDR, then surfed the web a little bit and – thanks to omnivorous (and fellow Dutch) Frans De Waard – read that he was 50% of a duo from Arnhem, Vance Orchestra (again, unknown to yours truly). This work is dedicated to the late Geert Feytons, founder of Noise-Maker’s Fifes and tragically deceased in 2006. It is a very simply conceived soundscape, yet a beautiful one. The main colours are people’s voices – seemingly captured in a fair, or an amusement park, with someone repeating a series of phonemes (numbers, apparently) from a megaphone. In the background, something like a flanged-out guitar that mutates into a distant synthesized drone appears and disappears, giving this patchwork a cohesion that places it halfway through an electronic piece and a sheer document of half an hour somewhere in a town. Besides humans there are birds, too, and the section where a blackbird starts tweeting and chirping is the most charming of the entire disc. Towards the end, a crunchy sound (someone munching?) renders the whole a little bit more concrete, slightly diminishing the oneiric factor. It must be noted that the basic tracks appear as they were looped, or somehow seamed to return every once in a while. Not exactly a transcendental outing, but when the record ended I found myself gazing at the void, my headphone still on for long moments of thoughtful silence. The test is passed, with good marks.


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