The synthetic consciousness of Brandon Nickell/Aemae fathers a lot of strange beasts whose voices and souls get nourishment from unstable harmonic contents; just listen to “Spectral Psychosis” to see what I’m talking about. What’s indeed appreciable in Maw for this reviewer is Nickell’s will to initiate us to a new method of approaching electronic music, without recurring to sterile tricks or violent changes of scenery – although the initial discharges of “PDE” would suggest the contrary – but furnishing us with new palettes of spectral evolution that show beautifully developed intuitions and a talent that was already noticeable in the previous The Helical World, and now looks to be fully flourishing. A track like “Bad entity”, almost 11 minutes of glittering reverberations and subsonic pulses enhanced by abstract interferences, puts Aemae among the most interesting new realities in this area; indeed the whole CD sounds quite distant from the bell-and-whistle world of galactic nothingness typical of those sanctified computerized lyophilizations characterized by their ethereal (and eternal) absence of good ideas. By avoiding jarring contradictions between spiritual lettering and shallow meaning, Nickell shows his seriousness even as a human being; that his music is good just comes as a consequence. I’m willing to put my trust in this young composer, hoping that I won’t be disappointed in the future.


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