AEMAE – The Helical Word


Brandon Nickell, a 23 year-old navigator of harsh synthetic and electronic seas known as Aemae, shows his admirable will to construct new kinds of uneasy architectures. The eight pieces of The Helical Word form a pyrotechnic cycle of cascading incidents, timbral shifts and granular abrasions which move like creatures without a preconceived position in an undetermined system, finally finding a way to transform contraptions and extrapolations into rough elliptical shapes and dehydrated approximations of parallel galaxies. Nickell starts everything from “a pure exercise in synthesis”; the mobile force of educated noise and a well planned mix, even in absence of natural sources, make this music live its life in full – no dead spots or dull moments. Considering the next-to-nil significance of most of today’s electronica, not bad at all.


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