AF URSIN – Aura Legato

(La Scie Doree)

Af Ursin is Timo Van Luyck (previously of Noise-Maker’s Fifes, currently half of In Camera with Christoph Heemann) presenting a side project which indeed has nothing to do with either of the above collaborations, as far as the sound is concerned. Coming in an LP whose cover makes me think of ancient 78 rpm records (and, at least in my copy, the continuous crackles and pops of the vinyl contribute an awful lot to this “old-time” scent) Aura Legato trips through mysterious atmospheres seemingly filtered by a patina of ritual incantations and magic ceremonials bringing out forgotten memories – and also the translucent, whispering ghosts inhabiting them. It’s a very intriguing concoction of strange sounds made with acoustic guitar, organ, percussion and other instruments, at times comparable to Third Ear Band, Nurse With Wound and – why not? – even Mirror, if only for a few moments. Hypnotic voices and pulsating shadows create a sense of uncomfortable expectancy, announcing the arrival of a caravan of gypsy ectoplasms willing to steal your sleep for weeks to come. Apart from the annoying vinyl noises, which make me hope in a CD version one day, this is destined to become an underground classic.


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