AFFLUX – Aizier / St.Martin-Sur-Mere / Dieppe


Both the concept behind Afflux (Eric Cordier, Jean-Luc Guionnet and Eric La Casa) and the origins of these recordings are clearly explained in the CD notes. The force of wind and water is a fundamental element in this series of electroacoustic manipulations; the only recognizable human traces are the voices of the lookout sea post operators, whose radio calls mix hectically with outbursts of frequencies and shore winds manifesting all their raw power in the “Dieppe” track. The fascinating treatments of brooks gurgling into tubes and tidal waves swallowing previously prepared contact microphones are all part of a well known area of contrast between placid soundscaping and menacing exhalations of noise. Yet, Afflux reach that point of suspension between air and ground that’s exactly manageable from several listening perspectives. A gorgeous environmental portrait, a half-concrete document, an intriguing – sometimes distressing – type of ambient music. More often than not, excellent stuff.


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