The attack of “…Of All This”, which constitutes both the first track and the conclusive part of the titling sentence, would not be out of context on a Quentin Tarantino soundtrack; think Dick Dale meets early XTC, just before guitarist Shane Perlowin, bassist Derek Poteat and drummer Sean Dail launch a new assault against the cathedrals of four-on-the-floor by interlocking their virtual horns in chains of absolutely irregular metrics and contrapuntal audacity. The whole executed with the same ferocious attitude of a disillusioned human failure who decides to enter a McDonald and open fire with a rifle. One of the intriguing aspects of this trio, apart from an obvious technical command, is the nudity of their timbres. Ahleuchatistas are exactly what every garage band should aspire to, namely remaining exactly that while becoming knowledgeable players. Despite the illustrious comparisons that they’ve been subjected to, the boys hailing from Asheville (North Carolina) still maintain a clearness of vision that is well reflected in the thorough assimilability of the pieces, even the ones that seem to be inspired by the bite of a venomous spider, and there are several of them. Still, a track like “The Bears Of Cantabria Shall Sleep No More” could convince also the sceptical that there’s some measure of delicacy left in the most grumbling heart. Instantaneous rage tempered by mental discipline: that’s a great asset, and it’s not Ahleuchatistas’ only one. Party music for those who hate parties. Excellently rough stuff.


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