ANCIENT MONSTERS – Ancient Monsters


The line dividing serious trance music from crappy, new ageish, fake spirituality is extremely subtle; Ancient Monsters belong to the “right” side, but understanding the reasons is not easy. The duo of Murray Henderson and David Sergeant – armed with guitars, samples, Farfisa organ and moog – explores placid meditative galaxies through mostly consonant chordal litanies that always manage to keep a door open to a slight deformation; it can happen under the guise of a slowly detuning oscillation or through the overlapping of extraneous frequencies blemishing the basic drone. The opening “The Gospel According To A Buzzard” is very reminiscent of Stars Of The Lid, while certain segments of “One Day It Will All Be Over” sound like a giant wall of inside piano parts in looping circles. The superimposition of harmonic layers in “Cicada” creates interesting movements of beating adjacent tones while maintaining an almost religious feel. This music is gifted with simple beauty, highlighted by Henderson and Sergeant’s totally unpretentious stance.


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