In this collection of pieces by Beth Anderson three tracks stand out: “Tower Of Power”, a massive church organ cascade played with the whole body, in which clusters give way to strongly contrasting frequencies; “Joan”, a superimposition of solo piano parts transposed from an oratorio concert performance, sounding like a traffic jam of carillons; the final “Ode”, low electronic purrs mixed with the extremely musical voice of an auctioneer, the whole resulting in a mutant native American chant or something alike. Anderson, an acclaimed text-sound composer, is equally at home with self-expressive outbursts such as the solo drum/voice “I Can’t Stand It”, written out of her frustration when she had just moved to NY, or the lively and funny teacher-mocking “Yes Sir Ree”. In the bad sounding cassette recording of the title track we’re surrounded by strange B-movie soundtrack-like atmospheres where female whispers, lamentations, oblique guitars and tapes with Christmas songs and assorted oddities all contribute to a sense of psychological uneasiness. As usual with Pogus, this music is undefinable – therefore, highly interesting.