After the first minutes of this set, characterized by pretty inexpressive rustling micro-sounds, I was wondering where the beef was. What was lurking behind the corner was one of the most intense soundscapes in recent times, which @c (Miguel Carvalhais and Pedro Tudela, also the masterminds running the Cronica label) and Vitor Joaquim created by assembling re-edited and processed segments of live recordings captured during a German tour in 2005. The raw freshness and reinvigorating realism of the original takes is among the winning features of the disc, the music a succession of different scenarios that might or might not have been influenced by historic realities – from post industrial thudding pulses reminiscent of entities like Het Zweet to the entrancing repetitions of the best years of :zoviet*france: – but it’s clear that the involved parties are not hopeless copycats, their creations showing a genuine will of exploring the intimate essence of every new concoction with an enthusiasm that almost borders on the naïve. That very ingenuousness is what I like more in this artifact. Unusual samples, taped voices, terrific pre-recorded snippets, fractured fanfares – you name it, everything needed to displace expectation is used. Nevertheless, once we penetrate the hypnotic circle around which “De-tour” revolves, a curious sense of comfort takes control of our psyche, which kind of anticipates the factual evolution as in an unconscious preview. By repotting spontaneous improvisations into a well-conceived electroacoustic pastiche, @c and Joaquim have fathered something whose sincerity is palpable, an example of how to avoid digital tediousness for many poodle-faced, snot-leaking laptoppers.