Australian Ernie Althoff is a sound artist who builds his own instruments, using them with additional materials in highly personal installations – autonomous or, at times, allowing audience performance like in “Dummy Run”, one of the five excerpts showcased here. Finely explained and detailed by explicative photos in the CD booklet, these on-site recordings present an uncessant mass of textural activity, mostly on the percussive side: aluminium bowls behaving like tuned bells, zithers repeating the same mechanical rasgueado for hours, woodblocks and homemades mixing with toys, marbles rolling in pans which rotate over a turntable. The aleatory strategies conceived by Althoff give birth to a world that sounds familiar yet is uniquely non-uniform, as strange patterns and distant surrounding backgrounds are situated in a self-generated framework, sort of a man/machine counterpoint where manipulation and multiplicity of chances get quite close to daily reality.