(Red Toucan)

Laura Andel is a composer from Argentina, working on pretty various forms (she’s also a graduate in tango performance). SomnambulisT is a sort of orchestral rendition of concrete feelings and junctures of human life, a challenging score perhaps more oriented towards the performance itself than the listener, who must pay a good amount of careful attention to recognize all the subtleties present in Andel’s tapestries. The disciplined freedom I detect tells me about suffering and liberation; it talks about the darkness experienced before arriving at the end of an infinite tunnel. The music is very lively and deeply thought, even if its technical complexity and theatrical approach will find most people not ready for it on a first listen. Although the slow-moving first movement seems to depict an opening in the surrounding space, it brings instead several questions to which answering is not easy at all. Lovers of hard-to-cathegorize artists must have their ears burning right now.


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