(For 4 Ears)

Starting from its lovely cover up to the very last second of music, Strange Love must be regarded as a perfect concoction of three strong personalities fused into a single body. The album is divided into two parts; the live one, “Cold”, begins with pulses and frequencies at the threshold of human perception to evolve into a pretty complex soundscape alimented by purring buzzes and some environmental source (brought in by Samartzis). It’s an extremely controlled setting where even pops and glitches – by now omnipresent in contemporary electroacoustics – appear with a meaningful purpose instead of being just a randomly thrown ingredient. Everything flows according to plan – if there is one – in an inspiring piece, among the best I’ve heard by these artists in a long time. The second segment, “Warm” – conceived individually in the studio – is based, as the title suggests, on more enticing colours, mostly tending towards a relaxing and sense-smothering low vibration. Benevolent spirits appear in a mist of enjoyable electronic perfumes, while the listener is glad to walk across a gentle desert wind, never feeling alone in there. All things considered, this is a high-standard, worthy recording.


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