(Southern Lord)

Recorded live at Nijimegen’s Extrapol in 2001, Triste is a delicate construction of frail atmospheres prepared by Ambarchi with the exclusive help of a guitar, although in the final part of the album he’s joined by looping eminence Tom Recchion. The first movement sees the Australian gently extracting opaque string drops from his instrument, whose tone’s high frequencies are cut off and wrapped by the effects’ hiss in progressively crumbling decadence. Electrostatic noises and hums gradually replace these melancholic notes in the second part – probably the CD’s best moment – becoming a single-centre current of harmonic feedback just blemished by small pops accenting its engrossing, mesmerizing character. But after 10 minutes or so, the sounds become irregular and claustrophobic, manifesting themselves as uncomfortable interferences which somehow reminded me of Koji Asano’s The Last Shade Of Evening Falls. The final sections, “Remake” and “Remodel”, sound like a nostalgic look at Eno trying to project sepia-tinged childhood photos through one of his installation monitors, Recchion’s Hammond organ and loops accompanying Ambarchi in a gradual fade to oblivion.