Boy, is this music strange – no wonder if you find yourself “dazed and confused” after a good listen. A very prolific Finnish composer, Airaksinen seems to specialize in disorienting people with dirty-sounding cauldrons of spastic drum machine rhythms, synthesized lunatic themes, samples of various recordings of old music and other human activities, distorted feedback and next-to-impossible joints between techno and free music fragments. Convincingly anarchic and full of destructive aural satire, these patchworks have ingested thousands of influences without revealing a single one; if muzak, avantgarde and sci-fi collided in the name of audio-collage, you’d have a VERY vague idea of what this man is capable of. This double set is completed by a disc of great remixes by the likes of Curd Duca, Nurse With Wound, Mira Calix plus many others; also, take a good look at Pekka’s history to better understand the sociopolitical context where all this creativity exploded. Certainly it wasn’t easy being so peculiar without trouble at that time…


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