(European Echoes)

The first release of saxophonist Rodrigo Amado’s new label is an exciting trio that mixes lots of influences and innovative elaborations in four tracks, two pretty long suites and two shorter reflections. Amado’s playing, especially on the baritone sax, is at one and the same time forward-looking and elegantly protrusive. His lines cause my appreciation of a primal instinct, an almost physical consciousness, that inner quest which yields inspirations and consequent achievements spiced by a phrasing which aggregates spiritual values of the highest rank in solemn non-alignment. Amado’s interrelation with the rhythm section of Kessler and Nilssen-Love reaches many points where it becomes a metaphor for the struggles of life itself, each player revealing intimate thoughts in no-secrets-hold fashion, willing to make the others aware of their sadness or joy, always finding different ways to share their dialogue with a potentially responsive audience. This is a trio that silently chooses a spokesman, yet their music’s mechanics is so accomplished that one perceives no apparent division between the components. The general sense of amalgamation makes for a satisfying experience: no implosions or extraordinary events, only passion and pure heart by three artists who collaborated for the very first time in this occasion, a fact that renders this album all the more coherent and, for this, praiseworthy.


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