(Emanem) Performed in real time on a variety of saxophones and clarinets plus drums and piano, “Shadow company” is a beautiful representation of these two artists’ corroborating playing as captured in 2004. Heated exchanges between wind instruments alternate moment of intense yet comfortless freedom and lyrical obedience to polyvalent schemes just waiting to be disintegrated by the burning breath of the musicians. A proper use of space and silence manages to capture the most authentic essence of an attentive reciprocal listening that’s almost visible during a vast portion of the record. I’m left quite amazed by the brilliance of Fine’s … Continue reading ANTHONY BRAXTON & MILO FINE – Shadow Company


(Emanem) This album features the very first public performance by Milo Fine (B flat clarinet with electronics, alto clarinet, marimba with electronics, voice) and vocalist Viv Corringham. The couple met when Corringham moved from England to Minnesota, right where Fine has been active as an artistic jolly for many years. The duo becomes a quartet in four tracks, with the addition of guitarist Charles Gillett and percussionist Davu Seru. “Senilità”, the Italian title of a famous book by Italo Svevo, is quite a difficult listen, first and foremost for the extreme concentration of microscopic activities, tiny details and events that … Continue reading MILO FINE / VIV CORRINGHAM – Senilità

MILO FINE – Ikebana

(Emanem) Milo Fine epitomizes the figure of a multi-instrumentalist improviser; this double CD sees him in company of illustrious fellow spirits during his 2003 London visit. “April radical” mingles various strings, electronics and voice with clarinet, piano and drums in an imaginative piece crossing chamber settings and piquant segmentation, with three double bass players (Tony Wren, Marcio Mattos, Simon H.Fell) in beautiful growling balance. Three clarinet (plus drums) duets with Alex Ward seem to file the cutting edge of a tetanic flick knife carving mouthpieces to deviate the regular blowing, until “Skinny frog” (with Gail Brand and Paul Shearsmith) brings … Continue reading MILO FINE – Ikebana

VARIOUS ARTISTS – Freedom Of The City 2003, Small Groups

(Emanem) The two discs contain four improvisations apiece. The trio of Alan Tomlinson, Steve Beresford and Roger Turner travels towards virgin territories where trombone, electronics and percussion lose their unique identity fusing into an acid deranged firecracker of joyous absurdity, with almost no time for reflection. Stephan Keune and John Russell, on sopranino sax and guitar, continue to surprise and amaze with a series of engaging bird-like discourses leaving no doubt on their high-virtuosity immersion in fresh waters of fun. Pure excellence transpires from the Viv Corringham/Angharad Davies duo; violin and voice become one in a piece that’s challenging and … Continue reading VARIOUS ARTISTS – Freedom Of The City 2003, Small Groups