Pathetic Excuses

If you’re truly mad and are willing to waste time inside these archives, please use the SEARCH ENGINE on the right of each page to see if a given release was reviewed by yours truly in his golden era of youthful bullshit… or later on. 

Touching Extremes began in the summer of 2001 on an old PC running on a cracked copy of Windows 98, switching to more “modern” softwares and computers only in 2007. In the rural area where this writer is based, broadband internet was a chimera until 2011. It has been an adventure, really. This does not justify the naive shallowness of some of the earlier reviews, not to mention the still present grammar bloopers and invented words. English is not my mother tongue, after all.

I am leaving the archives visible for merely historic reasons, but am going to subject them to a gradual revision, with consequent repulisti of the worst trash and/or bullshit. The process is probably going to see my demise before its end.

NOTE: the date of each review is obviously that of the day in which I re-posted it. WordPress’ date removal process is too complicated for my little time and scarce willingness to risk doing damage…


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