@C – Up, Down, Charm, Strange, Top, Bottom

(Cronica) Miguel Carvalhais and Pedro Tudela recorded these files from 2002 to 2007, assembling the result in a multi-faceted patchwork that fuses improvisation, electronic, sampladelia and musique concrete. Surprisingly, after a couple of headphone sessions – in which, admittedly, this writer admired the quality of the studio work and the clever methods of combination applied by the duo – I gave the CD a try in my overall favourite listening setting: tranquil evening, open windows, moderate volume. The music became a great active ambience: incredibly rich, complex, full of chiaroscuro yet flowing without obstacles, sounding extremely natural to the ears. … Continue reading @C – Up, Down, Charm, Strange, Top, Bottom

@C – V3

(Cronica) Sometimes it happens: from ruthless music generators a pulsating living organism comes to manifest itself, leaving questions and doubts behind, allowing people to have a glance at an uncertain definition of future without panic, instead confirming one’s will to go beyond the easy paybacks of “educated” instrumental voices. Seaming together three different live exhibitions, @C and visual artist Lia plus selected friends (Manuel Mota, Joao Hora, Vitor Joaquim and Andy Gangadeen) created a multiform quilt of discarded sonic remnants in a self-blocking totality of intelligent noisemaking. Rising from subliminal lows, metal beats, looping steams and repaired electronics flow right … Continue reading @C – V3

@C & VITOR JOAQUIM – De-tour

(Feld) After the first minutes of this set, characterized by pretty inexpressive rustling micro-sounds, I was wondering where the beef was. What was lurking behind the corner was one of the most intense soundscapes in recent times, which @c (Miguel Carvalhais and Pedro Tudela, also the masterminds running the Cronica label) and Vitor Joaquim created by assembling re-edited and processed segments of live recordings captured during a German tour in 2005. The raw freshness and reinvigorating realism of the original takes is among the winning features of the disc, the music a succession of different scenarios that might or might … Continue reading @C & VITOR JOAQUIM – De-tour

AALFANG MIT PFERDEKOPF – Genmaicha: At The Opal Seashore

(Mystery Sea) Besides representing a very pleasant listening experience, Genmaicha is also my favourite album by Mirko Uhlig until now. The whole record is centred around amorphous sensations, its aesthetic engulfed by an equalizing process that privileges the cutoff of high frequencies, transforming Aalfang’s soundpool in a morass of disturbing voicings, muddy chords and unquiet spirits dancing and whirling in slowly crumbling cathedrals. What’s even better is Uhlig’s work with the sonic consecutio: no matter how we try to abandon defenses to get overwhelmed by reluctance, the breathtaking loops employed by Uhlig to raise the level of evocation work wonders … Continue reading AALFANG MIT PFERDEKOPF – Genmaicha: At The Opal Seashore

AALFANG MIT PFERDEKOPF – Ich Habe Nur Noch 12 Seepferdchen In Meinen Tempel

(Einzeleinheit) The weird freaks populating the warped sonic world of Mirko Uhlig are back at work with serious intentions. Aalfang’s music in this occasion calls for gnomes with children’s voices, strumming of hardly tuned guitars, urban activity mixed with lunar radiations, drones apparently from the centre of the earth. As usual, Uhlig is not aligned; he’s slowly but surely developing a totally personal pattern – a style, if you will – that mixes his progressive/krautrock influences with a great individualism. Most tracks sound like images reflected on a water surface: they are there but look crippled and deformed, acquiring a … Continue reading AALFANG MIT PFERDEKOPF – Ich Habe Nur Noch 12 Seepferdchen In Meinen Tempel

AALFANG MIT PFERDEKOPF – Mezethakia Mukabalatt

(Aalfang) The record starts with an acoustic guitar strummed loosely in a mutation of Bowie’s “Space Oddity”; this is just the smart introduction to a very well crafted artifact, the second solo CD by Mirko Uhlig’s artistic alter ego. Aalfang’s music is quite unpredictable in most of its forms, mixing regular instruments, loops, field recordings and personal fun in a series of sonic pot-pourris that, at least in this album, exclude futilities and gratuitous cheap tricks in favour of coherence and good taste. All parts are adequately connected so that delayed guitars, tape accelerations, spectral continuums and voices of children … Continue reading AALFANG MIT PFERDEKOPF – Mezethakia Mukabalatt

AB DUO – Everyone Is Happy

(Scrapple) AB Duo comprises drummer Brendan Dougherty and trumpeter Aaron Meicht, who are also part of the electronic trio Feigner. The motivity of Everyone Is Happy is proportional to its reclusive appearance, the music offering nocturnal qualities that never transcend the limit of licentiousness. Meicht tends to break silence with gentle intracutaneous fragments and introverted spirals whose range is usually limited to predetermined melodic areas, “melody” in this case not to be intended as a lyrical expression, rather as a sheer succession of notes. On his side, Dougherty is even more restrained, moving small gestural bursts and succinct hints around … Continue reading AB DUO – Everyone Is Happy