Endowed with sharp interactivity and instant productiveness, this quartet led by clarinettist virtuoso Alex Ward hammers out many angles of contemporary improvisation’s paraphernalia through its serious approach to polyvalent timbral ecosystems. Filthily tweaking an Oberheim and a Rhodes piano, Luke Barlow machinates through many and one intricacies, creating a fertilizing substratum of sonic working knowledge, while Simon Fell’s maximizing bass playing is a spectacle in itself, as smoothness and mystery seem to be the source of numerous silent insurgences against corporative sight-readings of intellectualist commonplaces. Steve Noble, once drummer for Rip Rig And Panic, sounds articulate and hungry, his technique a picture of dynamic prowess which is totally functional in this mature four-way encounter; on top of everything, Ward’s incisive comunicativeness delivers his instrument from the humdrum indecencies of untrained pretenders while establishing his authoritative voice as one of the most brilliant in the free-for-all world of phoney immaterialism.