(For 4 Ears)

Written by Leimgruber for the Arte sax quartet – the real protagonists in this CD – “Sonata” is a difficult composition where both electronic and acoustic sources materialize bit by bit, as time goes by. Sounds come creeping around, from the back of your monitors and under your shoes, completely surrounded by an invisible pellicle provided by Müller with his instrumental array. In this boiling liquid saxophones breath lightly at first, putting their head out like a newborn creature, then crawling to find some light, finally liberating most of their power over the course of the record. At the end, Arte’s musicians have coalesced their different timbral masks into a single lamentation, like if all the efforts to affirm an existence had been in vain. Incomparable to other genres, this inquisitive music is deeply affecting without becoming disturbing, confirming the high degree of these artists’ valuable choices.