The nineteen free-thinkers in action during these 73 minutes of barely governable, outspoken sonic mayhem are among the finest American improvisers, all coming from the more energizing fringes of radical contemporary expression. Kaiser’s alarmingly remorseless discarding of any kind of mindless convenience keeps the whole companionship navigating the perilous waters of earnest dissonance; this could alienate some superficial sympathy but surely rewards unorthodox listeners, which is a major ammunition for border operators with such a pedigree. The timbral orientation tends towards a large use of the wind instruments: it doesn’t come as a surprise, given the presence of luminaries like Vinny Golia, Eric Barber, Emily Hay & Lynn Johnston (from Motor Totemist Guild, one of the most overlooked ensembles in decades) plus the leader’s trumpet. Anyhow, the music is never overblown, maintaining a certain grade of meticulous activism that defines this brew of composed/decomposed parts as an immaculate self-government struggling to survive in a horde of neurotic humdrum values.