AB Duo comprises drummer Brendan Dougherty and trumpeter Aaron Meicht, who are also part of the electronic trio Feigner. The motivity of Everyone Is Happy is proportional to its reclusive appearance, the music offering nocturnal qualities that never transcend the limit of licentiousness. Meicht tends to break silence with gentle intracutaneous fragments and introverted spirals whose range is usually limited to predetermined melodic areas, “melody” in this case not to be intended as a lyrical expression, rather as a sheer succession of notes. On his side, Dougherty is even more restrained, moving small gestural bursts and succinct hints around ample spaces and intense taciturnities, often leaving us completely alone and naked in front of unexpected whiffles of nothingness. The final – and longest – track is a 32-minute live improvisation showing AB’s total dynamic control: gleams of instrumental prowess define a discoloured poetry that whispers at our untold desires with the same conviction of a silent persuader. Difficult yet substantial matter, certainly worthy of repeated visits with concentration working at full steam.