Sometimes it happens: from ruthless music generators a pulsating living organism comes to manifest itself, leaving questions and doubts behind, allowing people to have a glance at an uncertain definition of future without panic, instead confirming one’s will to go beyond the easy paybacks of “educated” instrumental voices. Seaming together three different live exhibitions, @C and visual artist Lia plus selected friends (Manuel Mota, Joao Hora, Vitor Joaquim and Andy Gangadeen) created a multiform quilt of discarded sonic remnants in a self-blocking totality of intelligent noisemaking. Rising from subliminal lows, metal beats, looping steams and repaired electronics flow right into a multitude of impartial spectrographies, revealing new intersections and evidences that appear under constant monitoring by the artists. All the way through, the basic pulse returns to let us remember we’re still talking about life: our body reaction to this mixture speaks for itself.